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Short Cummings Audio

Posted by coolpodcasts on March 14, 2007

The Short Cummings Audio is a comedy podcast by Kevin Cummings that brings entertainment without the hassle of rambling and ranting. The podcast is somewhat like a humorous essay or story that is properly narrated. Work safe and a good companion anytime of the day as the podcast will surely bring light but good laugh.

This comedy podcast is released weekly and every episode runs for approximately 6 minutes.  Stories featured in Short Cummings Audio are based on cynical or extraordinary observations from the host’s daily life. Check out how naturally witty is the host with his latest episode titled Back in the Game where Kevin share his perceptions of the word “dating” during his generation and how dating is being perceived nowadays.

One Response to “Short Cummings Audio”

  1. Kevin said

    Thanks for the kind words and for sending some traffic my way.

    Keep listening during the month of April for a couple of fun suprises.


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