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Irish And Celtic Music Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 25, 2007

Irish  & Celtic Music Podcast as the name it implies featured nothing but the best independent Irish, Celtic and music from Western Europe. The show is hosted by Marc Gunn, a musician and entrepreneur who has a distinct taste of authentic music from Western Europe.

Aside from Irish and Celtic music, this music podcast also features select independent folk songs from Scotland, Wales, Galicia, US, Australia and even authentic music from anywhere in the world. Marc Gunn featured the music by Music from Tartanic, The Limeybirds, Wyldefyre, Owain Phyfe, Arabesque, and many more on his latest episode of Irish and Celtic Music Podcast.

4 Responses to “Irish And Celtic Music Podcast”

  1. […] and Celtic Music Podcast primarily features independent Irish and Celtic music and is hosted by Marc Gunn, a musician and entrepreneur who is based in Austin. It is really […]

  2. Marc Gunn said

    Actually, I should point out that the “latest episode” was actually a different podcast I publish called the Renaissance Festival Podcast, which features music from Renaissance festivals. But it is my Irish & Celtic Music Podcast that has done the best.

  3. Interesting resource for Irish Celtic music. Very good site.

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