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Rendezvous Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 17, 2007

With the wide assortment of available podcasts nowadays, there will surely be a podcast meant for each one of us whether you are a mother, father, parent, GLBT, pianist, religious, politician and yes, even swingers and people who are into extra-marital affairs has a podcast suited and created for them.

Rendezvous Radio is a podcast about extra marital affairs, discreet lovers and spicing up your sex life. This podcast is created and hosted by Cheri, a woman with loveless marriage who found podcasting as her way to discuss, express and share her sexual passions and sex escapades. Arousing, tempting, sexy and humorous are the terms that describe Rendezvous Radio.

Be carried away with the Episode 10 of Rendezvous Radio that featured Cheri’s erotic bedtime story from the tub, her update on her dysfunctional frogs and many more.

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