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The DaddyCast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 10, 2007

The DaddyCast is a show made for dads by a dad who want to build a community where dads like him could share ideas, insights and thoughts about fatherhood and all things about being a father.

Each episode brings various topics and issues concerning ways of raising their kids. Hear advices and techniques about how far do fathers should go to protect their kids, spanking issues, traveling with them, and even tips on how to make fatherhood a fun and fruitful experience.

Now who can say that only mothers are hands on to their kids?  With DaddyCast, every father is their child’s best buddy! Join DaddyCast on their latest episode that featured travel tips for dads and few other daddy stuffs.


2 Responses to “The DaddyCast”

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  2. Crazy73 said

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