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Kids Wife Work Life Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 10, 2007

Kids Wife Work Life or KWWL is a podcast for the whole family. This is a talk show that tackles family life, work life and of course, the life of being parents. The show is hosted by Mike and Chris who share their every day experiences about their kids, their work and their marriage.

Listeners could learn and get tips on the various aspect of their family and marriage life because the couple discusses a wide range of topics that are related to parents and married couple from summer reading for kids, airplane stories, vacation, child rearing and many more.

Join the Mike and Chris with their Episode 35 titled A Super Proposal commemorating the time when Mike proposed to Chris. The latest episode also featured book suggestion and music for the week.


One Response to “Kids Wife Work Life Podcast”

  1. Mike said

    Thanks so much for the review. I can tell you took the time to listen to the show and wrote honestly about what you heard. Well done!


    Mike 1/2 of KWWL

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