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ESL Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 9, 2007

ESL or English as a Second Language Podcast is probably one of the most modern and most convenient ways of learning practical English for free. Each podcast episode of ESL features daily conversations that help listeners to grasp the ideas and techniques of speaking English. ESL podcast is run by a group of experienced English professors that have more than 3 decades of teaching English in high school students and adults.

With ESL Podcast, you can surely learn and improve your English speaking capabilities because they offer English lessons at a slower speed and makes use of daily phrases and usual expressions that one may encounter during their dialogue or conversation. ESL also explains what these expressions mean and how to use them appropriately to ensure that listeners fully understand the concept of English language. Listen to the latest episode of ESL podcast that covers a typical conversation that happen in a bakery or a bakeshop.


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