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30 Seconds With Phone Guy Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 28, 2007

The 30 Seconds with Phone Guy is a comedy video podcast where the guy is always and I think will be forever talking on his phone which happens not to be a real phone but a wallet.  This podcast is very funny and you would not imagine that the man talking on this podcast is capable of doing these hilarious video of weird conversations.

The guy on the show is awesome and seriously witty. Settings and conversations per episode is perfectly matched.  This is a nice video to watch if you want to 30 seconds of good laugh. Catch the phone guy with his latest episode where he conversed with his wallet about Artisan Brick Installation.

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Brain Food Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 25, 2007

The Brain Food Podcast  is a show that will surely feed your mind with timely and factual information about wide range of topics from technology, computers to science, nature and everyday gadgets. The podcast also features facts, experiments and news of the week that are simply perfect to keep you well informed on the world around us.

If you love facts and trivia, you will surely love this show. The Brain Food Podcast also features nice PodSafe music and for me, this is a highly recommended educational podcast for all ages.  Each episode is filled with precise facts and information that can amuse your mind.

Listen to the latest episode of this podcast and learn something about the number of bricks in the Empire State Building, the highest man-made temperature, the color variations of pearls and many more.

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Irish And Celtic Music Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 25, 2007

Irish  & Celtic Music Podcast as the name it implies featured nothing but the best independent Irish, Celtic and music from Western Europe. The show is hosted by Marc Gunn, a musician and entrepreneur who has a distinct taste of authentic music from Western Europe.

Aside from Irish and Celtic music, this music podcast also features select independent folk songs from Scotland, Wales, Galicia, US, Australia and even authentic music from anywhere in the world. Marc Gunn featured the music by Music from Tartanic, The Limeybirds, Wyldefyre, Owain Phyfe, Arabesque, and many more on his latest episode of Irish and Celtic Music Podcast.

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Legal Lad Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 25, 2007

This is another informative and useful podcast that is worth listening especially if you are eager to learn more about legal issues and common laws that we may deal or encounter in our daily living. Legal Lad’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a More Lawful Life is a podcast is hosted by a lawyer to provide useful legal information.

Though this podcast is relatively new and does not provide personal legal advice, the current legal topics they have like are quite nice.  They have a good selection of topics that are applicable and helpful in each one of us like the topic about the Right to Remain Silent and the tips they given to avoid a the driving under the influence conviction in California.

And the Legal Lad’s most recent episode is quite good to because it featured significant legal aspect pertaining to wills and testament. Very interesting especially for parents and their descendants.

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Better Sex Podcast By Dr. Berman

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 23, 2007

Want to improve your sex life for better and happier you? Why not try Dr. Berman’s Better Sex Podcast?  The show aims to help people in every element of their sex life from orgasm, intimacy to sexual healing. This is hosted by Dr. Laura Berman, licensed sex and relationships therapist from Chicago.

The show features topics that tackle our sex culture, trends in sexual passion, latest developments in birth control methods, sexual positions, casual sex, dirty talks and many more. Both men and women will surely love exploring Better Sex Podcast as it can entice your imagination and at the same time give you timely information about sex and sexuality.

Catch the latest episode of Better Sex Podcast By Dr. Berman that featured a conversation with a 28 year old girl about Round 2, role playing and rich possessive guys.

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Ctrl Alt Chicken Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 23, 2007

Ctrl Alt Chicken is a podcast about cooking. Not the typical cooking show that is hosted by renowned chefs because this podcast is hosted and produced by ordinary couple, Alex Albrecht and Heather Stewart who perhaps loves to eat and want to try cooking and experimenting on their own.

Entertaining and cool are my two words for this cooking podcast. It is really nice to see somebody trying and sharing their culinary knowhow no matter what is their expertise because sometimes, good finds and nice dishes came from ordinary homes. Learn some new recipe, tips and enjoy funny thoughts with this new form of cooking show. Check them out with their latest episode as Alex and Heather do some frying with their Crab Cakes recipe.

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Posted by coolpodcasts on February 23, 2007

The Tartanpodcast is a show that features the best independent music, bands and musicians from Scotland. This music podcast is created and hosted by Mark Hunter, a music lover who lives in the music capital of Scotland.

Mark Hunter personally chooses the indie music he plays throughout the show and assures that all of them are PodSafe and guaranteed great to listen. Through Tartanpodcast, independent musicians from Scotland are likewise given the chance to be heard and discovered by the worldwide audiences.

Mark’s music selection on his latest podcast episode: Mellow Monday includes The Sun Woke the Whole State by Limbeck; Obvious by Dropkick; and Constantinople by Eisenhowers.

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New York Times Wine Update

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 20, 2007

New York Times Wine Update is a podcast that talks about wines. This show is hosted by Eric Asimov, a chief wine critic that brings you the wonderful world of wine and wine making. This is indeed a good podcast for students and anybody who want to know more than just drinking wine.

Through this podcast, you could absolutely learn and appreciate a lot of things that pertains to the wine industry aside from knowing the best tasting wine in the world. The podcast also feature news and updates about various kinds of wines from Australian wine, Insignia wine to kosher wines for Passover. Each episode features different kind of wine, grapes or a particular wine company. You will understand the history, growth and heritage of wines through this podcast.

So join Eric Asimov on his latest episode of New York Times Wine Update where he featured amarone wines.

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Rendezvous Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 17, 2007

With the wide assortment of available podcasts nowadays, there will surely be a podcast meant for each one of us whether you are a mother, father, parent, GLBT, pianist, religious, politician and yes, even swingers and people who are into extra-marital affairs has a podcast suited and created for them.

Rendezvous Radio is a podcast about extra marital affairs, discreet lovers and spicing up your sex life. This podcast is created and hosted by Cheri, a woman with loveless marriage who found podcasting as her way to discuss, express and share her sexual passions and sex escapades. Arousing, tempting, sexy and humorous are the terms that describe Rendezvous Radio.

Be carried away with the Episode 10 of Rendezvous Radio that featured Cheri’s erotic bedtime story from the tub, her update on her dysfunctional frogs and many more.

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A Shanty No Lemon Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on February 17, 2007

A Shanty No Lemon is a comedy gay podcast with a twist of geeky or nerdy talk hosted by guys with different sexual preferences. This is an awesome podcast that you will enjoy listening if you love watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

A Shanty No Lemon, though under the genre of gay podcast is recommended to all except for kids of course. You can learn from this show how life, love, sex, technology, computers, politics and pop culture is being perceived by straight and non-straight guys.

The show is explicit…explicitly nice and funny that will surely make you laugh and say “cool!” Topics can be about anything but three things are guaranteed: they are all interesting, informative and entertaining. So join the gang on their latest episode titled Truck Nuts where they talked about xtube, hockey game, weird sex tricks, MTV’s shit and many more.

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