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SCRAPCast: Scrapbooking For Your Speakers

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 15, 2007

SCRAPCast: Scrapbooking For Your Speakers  is a podcast about scrapbooking, various paper arts and the interesting life of people who are doing these crafts for fun or business. The show is hosted by a Lynette Young, a woman who is very talented and devoted in designing cards, scrapbooks, and altered art pieces since she was a kid.

This is one great podcast to listen if you are into these kinds of crafts or if you want to know and discover the world of scrapbooking. You could learn a lot of valuable insights and ideas about scrapbooking and paper crafters. Get tips, techniques and hear from the people who turned their hobbies of scrapbooking, paper art, photography and other form of arts and craft into a business.

The latest episode of SCRAPCast  featured an interview with Dane Sanders, a professional wedding photographer and the host Simple Photo Minute.


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