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The MoPod Show Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on January 11, 2007

The MoPod Show is a gay comedy podcast that offer everybody an entertaining look at the gay community whether you are gay or not. This is a show that tackles a wide range of interesting topics about being gay and merry. You will never imagine that these gays can be very humorous as they are. Every episode is surely a fun-filled show.

Sneak on their world with MoPod ‘s latest episode where they featured not just one but two MoPod Show skits. This episode also includes bonus holiday flashback episode of The Adventures Barbara Bush Alexis the Lesbian Dolphin’s Christmas Special from last year.


5 Responses to “The MoPod Show Podcast”

  1. If you like the MoPod show please check out A Shanty No Lemon at

  2. Al Jacobs said

    I really don’t like Shanty. It isn’t as good as the mopodshow. They seem too into themselves. I like MoPod and Feast of Fools.

  3. To each their own then…

  4. Pete Way said

    Best podcast ever, they’re funny as hell, the type of people you’ll wish were your friends. I LOVE them 🙂

  5. dangina said

    thanks for the mention and the positive feedback.

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