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MarioCast Piano Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 30, 2006

MarioCast is a piano audio and video podcast that covers all stuffs about piano, piano pedagogy and technologies that pertains to music education. This is indeed a good podcast for piano enthusiasts especially music students because Mario Ajero, the host of the show is very talented pianist and music teacher.

MarioCast often features great music and numerous tips about playing piano. The show has a lot of video podcasts where Mario demonstrates how he play/perform a particular piece. Watch and enjoy the latest episode of MarioCast where Mario showed how to play Alone in the Ring by Bill Conti from Rocky movie franchise.


One Response to “MarioCast Piano Podcast”

  1. mert selcuk said

    hi..I’m from turkey..sorry about my’s very was very beautiful to listen alone in the ring from you..if you have got the notes of alone in the ring pdf or the other format please sent me..pleaseeeeeeee..i tryed to find the notes but i couldn’t…..

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