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PK And J Show

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 14, 2006

PK and J Show is a podcast that seems to be serious, clean and straight…Yes or No? Hmm… that depends on where you’re going to look the show. But first things firsts, PK and J Show is an explicit and adult only show hosted by Jeanette and Paul. Yes, they are seriously into sex and sexuality discussion and they talk sexy and straight to the point. And yes they are seriously funny!

Clean? Wholesome? Yes their site is awesome is nice and clean. You will not get a hint that the essence of their show is adult and sex talk. No nudity, no sexy pictures…even the hosts’ photo is wholesome. And in fairness, the PK and J show does not only live with their explicit topics because they did have lots of tech, gadgets, popular culture discussions and few news buzz. Their 91st episode features J’s sexpertise and the couple’s debate over the merits of the confederate flag.


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