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Jawbone Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 14, 2006

Humorous, entertaining and wholesome. This is how Jawbone Podcast can be described. This is a family based show that everyone and even father would love to hear. The podcast is created and hosted by Len and Nora and together they discuss anything from their family to the world around them. Topic goes from pop culture, restaurants, vacation, kids, trends and interviews with musicians.

With Jawbone podcast, every show is a brand new episode as they share their thoughts and life with their listeners. No dirty or green jokes only real life humour that everyone can relate. Join Len and Nora with their latest episode titled as In Search of Bigfoot and AlphaChimp.


One Response to “Jawbone Podcast”

  1. […] through voicemail or email. And on the latest episode of Nobody’s Listening, James is joined by Len Peralta from Jawbone Radio who shared his story about fatherhood and gas. Check it out and you will definitely have a good […]

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