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History According To Bob Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on December 4, 2006

This is probably one of the greatest podcasts that deal and talk about history! History According to Bob is guaranteed to be credible and very informative podcast that can be enjoyed by both students and adults.

This podcast is created by Professor Bob Packett who has been in the academe for the past 31 years. His vast experience and in-depth knowledge in history will make everybody love and find excitement to the human heritage. Each topic he discusses is well supported by his through research. Because of this podcast, history is always alive and exciting.

Professor Bob has over than 400 episodes of history pieces from the ancient time to the Crusades and the Spanish conquests in South America. He has a wide range of topics like various people, places and cultures around the world. So if you want history come alive, try his latest podcast which is about dreadnaughts and battleships.


2 Responses to “History According To Bob Podcast”

  1. Phillip said


    New to podcasts. Using Winamp to download podcasts. What url do I use to subscribe to the ‘History According To Bob’ Podcast?


  2. RH said

    If you haven’t already discovered iTunes, you can download iTunes application for free from the Web site at: Then once you install and launch iTunes, do a search under Podcasts for “Bob Packet”. You should receive a list of his latest podcasts (History According to Bob) that you can then subscribe to and listen on your computer.

    Good luck!


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