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Windows Weekly Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 25, 2006

Windows Weekly is a cool podcast that looks and discusses all about Microsoft software like Windows, Office and even Microsoft hardware like Xbox. Windows Weekly is hosted by Paul Thurrott, one of the best Windows experts that we gave now together with Leo Laporte, the most popular podcasting personality.

Together, they bring all the latest Microsoft news and updates and deliver them with juicy and informative tips and techniques. You will surely never left behind about the latest buzz in the Microsoft world when you listen to Paul and Leo’s weekly show.


One Response to “Windows Weekly Podcast”

  1. Ben said

    It’s actually quite funny – but sometimes rather stupid and offensive. I thought it was rather telling the way that these windows loving people think that any court judgement against Microsoft must be unfair – ‘get over it Europe’

    America isn’t the world, and behaviour like this makes the rest of the world see that it’s only ecomonmic power rather than intelligence or lack of ignorance that puts them in that position.

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