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Radio Disney Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on November 7, 2006

Radio Disney is probably the best wholesome podcast for teenagers and young adult. Radio Disney is all about bands, celebrities and bands that are featured in Disney entertainment. The podcast also plays cool music that was featured in their various TV series and musicals.

Catch the celebrities of your favourite Disney TV series like Hanna Montana, High School Musical, Cow Belle and many others with the weekly free podcast of Radio Disney. If you are hip and young, I am sure that you will love this show!


3 Responses to “Radio Disney Podcast”

  1. demi said

    yeah radio disney is awesome. my favorite disney podcast currently is with jeremy shum cuz he is reali cute and stuf. is also awesum!

  2. emoboy said

    hi, My pics of my new emo hair style

  3. […] Of everyone who participated in the Edison Media Research study, 59% of those who had used a podcast fell in the 25-54 age segment. I seriously doubt they were all watching Sesame Street, iCarly or listening to Radio Disney podcasts.  […]

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