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Talk Crunch Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 15, 2006

Talk Crunch is a weekly podcast intended for select individuals and entities that are running podcast and blogging platforms. This podcast primarily release news and announcements including new developments among 2.0 companies. It also discusses important features of the services or products affiliated and represented by Tech Crunch.

Talk Crunch is a must hear podcasts fro people that are related in blogging and podcasting business. This is the best place to hear the commentaries and interview on the people behind this industry. If you want to keep informed and updated about the latest online content delivery, this is the podcast that you should listen to.


One Response to “Talk Crunch Podcast”

  1. Rex Dixon said

    Great information. What by chance are you using to do the phone hookup recording? I can tell it’s the 32k mp3 compression, even though 64k mp3 compression is a bit bigger – double the size – you should give it a go.. really cleans up the audio – check out the new Coffee with Rex Dixon show — I compressed to 32k mp3 and well to be honest — it ended up sounding like your voices here… 64k made a pristine difference. Of course we did it (the podcast) via Skype.


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