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Catholic Insider Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 10, 2006

Gone were the days where the priests are only contained in the church and missionary services because for the past decades, the Catholic Church has also revolutionize and embrace the media development in spreading the Word and interacting to the community.

But don’t get me wrong, Catholic Insider Podcast is not a typical religious show that others may think boring and full of sermon because it is not. You got to believe me when I say that this is one fantastic podcast because its audience are not just Catholic around the world. The podcast has a pretty cool number of non-Catholic listeners because the show goes beyond traditional religious stuff. Yes, Catholic Insider is inspired and live on the Catholic faith but believe me it is definitely more interesting than that.

Why? Because the host, Fr. Roderick will take you to numerous sound-seeing music and sights from wonderful cities and countries around the world. Listen to documentaries, reviews about Catholic culture through his fun journey and commentaries. You will be entertained and experience fun in a educational, inspiring and healthy way. This is recommended for everyone and a great way to explore and be informed about humanity.


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  1. podcast said

    Couldn’t have said it any better

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