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Manic Mommies Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 8, 2006

Manic Mommies are podcast shows made for super mothers and dads too. The show is being hosted by Erin and Kristen who share the hardship, happiness and prizes of being a mom, a wife, a career woman all together. This is a weekly podcast that deals about the usual issues of being a mother and listening to the discussions that we usually have with our fellow mothers.

Woman, particularly mothers are naturally multi-tasked probably because of the responsibility of being a mother and a wife, a teacher and a playmate to her children. So whether you are a working mom or not, you can definitely relate to insights of Erin and Kristen who like to fit all their works at the same time.

Listening with this two mommies are really rewarding and inspiring. You will also be able to laugh your stresses out and be filled with entertaining but practical suggestions about daily struggles of being a mother. Learn valuable tips and be a better mother and wife with the help of Erin and Kristen.


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