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Lunatic Radio Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on October 6, 2006

Tagged as the “not average radio show” but a good packaged radio program composed of super cool radio hosts Kieran, Ronnie Beans and Rockit. Explicit talk as it seems but you will surely love the madness of listening to this show with over than 50 episodes now. The podcast features wild and wacky interview with actors, comedians and even porn star.

Lunatic Radio or LR for short have a decent number of loyal listeners that keeps the host roaring to the max. Audiences can freely join the lunacy of LR by giving them a ring. They can be also catch live during Mondays at 9 PM EST.



One Response to “Lunatic Radio Podcast”

  1. Rockit said

    Thats a pretty sweet review, thanks! Just want to let people know that the show has been around since early 2001 and technically over 200 episodes exist, we add the older ones occasionally to the archive section on the message board.

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