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Danger Zone Podcast

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 21, 2006

This is the podcast that talks about the issues and happenings in our civilization in explicit and somehow funny manners. Listen to Doctor Mo as he exposes controversial and sensitive issues about politics, religion and humanity. He also overtly discusses porno and sex matters.

Danger Zone podcasts truly expose its listeners to the four corners of the world and will open your eyes to reality. Doctor Mo bring his listeners to various aspect of the world and society from movie reviews, real estate, NBA,sex positions, economics, racism, dogs, American Idol to Jews people.

If you are mature,adventurous, open minded and prefer to be on top of all issues, you will love Doctor Mo’s bloody and juicy discussion that can be downloaded at his Danger Zone website. 


One Response to “Danger Zone Podcast”

  1. Hey man! Thanks for the mention on your blog! I’m glad you checked me out. I can only hope you will become a loyal fan. One thing is for sure, I like your blog and I am FIXIN’ to talk about it on my next podroll. Anyway, hit me up, give me some feedback on the show! You should check out my Katrina episode, it is one of my personal favorites. Tell me what you think.
    Also, check out Jared Ewy, one of my favorite podcasters.
    Doctor MO @ The Danger Zone Show

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