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Faceless:The Controversial Podcast of Unidentified Girl

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 19, 2006

Faceless Podcast is all about the mysterious girl who frankly and carelessly tells everything about her from her daily routines to her sexual whereabouts. The girl anonymously leaves voicemail to the morning show of Bambam, a British FM DJ star.

With the permission of the girl, her voice went through a voice synthesizer to hide her identity and publish her uncensored confessions in the world.

Her show was tagged as Faceless, the counterpart of Bridget Jones Diary for the real world. It caused a mass rage because of her explicit expressions of her sexual actions but Faceless became a consistent top rating download at iTunes for both US and UK listeners.

Read more about Faceless at The Show website.


One Response to “Faceless:The Controversial Podcast of Unidentified Girl”

  1. I enmjoy readding an article that can make pewople think.

    Also, thank you for alloowing foor me to comment!

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