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Machigai Podcast For Japanese

Posted by coolpodcasts on September 18, 2006

Machigai Podcast, a podcast show for Japanese who wants to learn English language caught my attention, not because this is one of few podcast shows with specific niche as target listeners but because of the nice and cool technique that the host is using in conducting his show.

The host has a weekly focus in his podcast show wherein he conducts sort of a question or test for his listeners. The result of the said question will be the basis of the following episode. This tactic promotes continuity and can draw the attention of listeners as they want to know the answer and explanation of the host on the next episode.

Another nice feature of this show is that it has an interactive website presentation apart from the website of usual podcast shows that only includes About, News, and What’s New sections. I am impressed with Machigai Podcast website because it has podcast scripts and weekly quiz for both podcast listeners and mere site visitors.

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One Response to “Machigai Podcast For Japanese”

  1. Tim Young said

    Thanks for the kind words about my podcast!

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